5 Must Have WordPress Plugins

5 Must Have Wordpress Plugins

These are the 5 Must Have WordPress Plugins you need for your site to stand every chance in ranking for your chosen keywords.

By downloading and using these plugins I expect you to stand much more chance in your SEO efforts, to rank and bank for your niches keywords.

So without further or do lets get in to it.

5 Must Have WordPress Plugins

5 Must Have WordPress Plugins

  1. Yoast SEO

Yoast is an invaluable tool for any WordPress site when it comes to SEO. It informs you of what needs to be done to each page,post and category in order to make it search friendly and for it to stand the most chance of ranking.

It gives an easy to follow traffic light system which makes it easy for you to see what needs to be done to get the green light.

This is the most powerful tool you will download today if you don’t already have this on your blog get it now


5 Must Have WordPress Plugins super cache

2. WP Super Cache

Your blog may be clean and well laid out but how fast does it load and how efficient is it when people browse on multiple devices?

WP Super Cache will speed up your blog by creating static html files for your pages and efficiently caching images etc in order to decrease your page load time.

Page load time is another Google ranking factor you want to be on the right side of.


5 Must Have WordPress Plugins analytics

3. Google Analytics Plugin

If you are working hard on SEO and promoting your website and want to see how your hard work is working out for you then you need this plugin.

It allows you to add your analytics code from your Google analytics account into each page and track everything that happens on your site. From what people are searching to find your pages and what other websites are linking to you as well as more in depth information.


5 Must Have WordPress Plugins social share buttons

4. Simple Share Buttons

If you want to get your site out there than you need to be shared all over the social media platforms right? Well how do you expect that to happen if nobody has a way of sharing your content?

This plugin and many others like it will enable your users to share your content over all the popular and more obscure social media platforms. You need Google+ shares and +1’s, Facebook shares and likes and Twitter Retweets to name but a few to create a buzz around your page.


5 Must Have WordPress Plugins


5. Opt in Forms By Opt In Cat

Finally number 5 of our 5 Must Have WordPress Plugins and it does not have to be the plugin mentioned but you need a plugin that will enable you to create opt in forms that will maximise your leads.

Building a list is a must for any business these days. Email marketing is very powerful so an opt in form that gets you a ton of leads is like gold dust to you.

This plugin is free and the premium version has a few little extras you may want to pay for.


If you found this post useful please share it on social media for me. I hope that these plugins save you all the time I wasted before i added them to my blog.





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