Do Affiliate Links Affect SEO

Do Affiliate Links Affect SEO
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Do Affiliate Links Affect SEO, In short yes they do this is because Google dislikes sites full of product links and poor content aiming ti get the user away from the site they are visiting as quick as possible.

You should therefore no follow any links that are affiliate links on your website, this will stop the google search spider from following them and associating them to your page.

No good can come of Google following links to things you are affiliated with so NO FOLLOW them fast. Many will say it has no affect on SEO and ranking of your websites but I have found the opposite.

Its also important to remember the more affiliate links you have the more you are going to need to no follow them and fast. If you only have one or two on your whole site you will probably be fine but why risk it.

How To No Follow An Affiliate Link

To add the nofollow tag to your affiliate link all you need to do is add Rel=”nofollow” to your links for example:

Do follow html link

<a href=””>sign in</a>

No follow html link

notice where the rel=”nofollow” tag is added to make this a non followed link.

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>sign in</a>

You can also get no follow plugins if you are using WordPress for example and these plugins
can no follow all of your links for you.

Do Affiliate Links Affect SEO

here is what Matt Cutts from Google had to say about affiliate links on websites and what Google thinks about them.

Matt kind of plays down the issue and says if you are worried you can no follow links. I advise you no follow them as I don;t think Matt would want every page to have no followed links as this would seriously alter a lot of pages ranks and possibly the results quality from searches for Google.

I may be wrong but it does not take long to do and it will certainly stop you getting any de ranks and penalties in the future.

Google are always looking at ways to improve search result quality and this could be one of those lightweight ranking factors of the future that could cost your business a lot of money.

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