Building Backlinks

Building Backlinks is still a big part of SEO and ranking your website. However, the game has changed a lot over the last few years with Googles Algorithm changes and search updates backlinks are not as many people think the be all and end all of having a successful website.

Patience And Knowledge Is Key

Do not just go out there and try get any old link pointing to your site you can, Its going to do more damage than good in most cases. Make sure you vet all your links you build for quality and don’t rush to get them either, take your time and build quality links it will pay off trust me.

Building Backlinks

One of the hardest things to do properly in SEO is building backlinks the right way. The best place to start is buy doing the following which are all free methods of traffic.

  • Social media profiles – Create a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Pintrest profile and insert your website link in the bio of each.
  • Link Directory’s – Look for good quality link directory’s and submit your site and link to a relevant section to your niche.
  • Build your email list and promote posts on your site to them now and again.
  • Join forums related to your niche and get your link into your signature and participate in said forum with quality posts.
  • Build only quality relative links to your site for example if your site is about food don’t get backlinks from bicycle repair websites.
  • Comment on other blogs and bury your link in a non spammy way and make sure your comment relates to the topic.
  • Guest Post on other blogs in your niche.

This is what Matt Cutts has to say about backlinking the right way and spammy links…

If you focus on your content you should also get natural and relative backlinks and natural backlinks are always more powerful than any link you have managed to get yourself.

Monitor Your Backlinks

Make sure you keep track of who is linking to your site and also keep track of links you have build yourself. If for some reason a website becomes a spam farm for links its going to have a negative impact on your website and you will need to disavow those links in the webmaster tools section of your webmaster tools with Google.

You can use many websites to keep track of your links such as Moz, Raven Tools, SEM Rush. Each offers a free trial for you to test them out and see which suits your needs the most.

Links to avoid

  • Sites that provide no content to your users and has no relation to your sites content.
  • Links from websites that have thin content or hardly any content what so ever are not going to be of any value to your site.
  • Comment spam, done wrong commenting on blogs all over the net can leave a trail of destruction for your future SEO efforts.


Take your time! there is no rush in building links and the more high quality and relative content you can get linking back to your website in the long run is going to turbo boost your site in the search rankings.

Avoiding spam and monitoring who is linking to you will also prove invaluable as in some rare cases negative SEO may be used against your site in attempt to make your site move down the rankings.

Its dog eat dog out there trust no one.


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