Creating Your Website

creating your website

Possibly the most important step in your quest to earn online..the site itself now don’t worry you won’t need too much web design knowledge to get a site up  in seconds with my guide.

Once you have set up your hosting with and you have activated it you should be able to login to your control panel. Log in and then go down to 1 click WordPress install and follow the steps (its easy).

Once you have set up your WordPress site and chose your login username and password go to yourdomain/wp-admin and you will be faced with your website admin panel.


Now you’re logged in and ready to go, you are going to need to add some plugins to WordPress to enable more functionality for you and basically to make your life easier in getting pages made and listed in Google.

I recommend…

Yoast Seo – Perfect for optimizing all your pages and it guides you through what needs to be done in order to get them bang on. Uses a traffic light system so once you have the green light your page is highly optimized and more likely to rank on Google.

Contact Form Builder – Allows you to create a professional looking contact us page where your visitors can fill in their name email address and message then simply hit submit and the mail will go straight to you. Easy to use.

HTML Snippets – This can make life easier when you need to add some HTML code into a WordPress post or an advert for example in a widget.

Share Buttons By Add This – Easiest way to enable your users to share any of your posts and content on Social media etc and includes a sidebar for pc and tablet users or a bottom/top bar for mobile users.

Right these should make life easier later on, Get them installed and make sure they are all activated and ready.

Basic Site Settings On WordPress

Now let’s say your website name is Funky House and your domain is you are going to need to enter your website name and what the site is about into WordPress.

In your admin panel click settings (left-hand side) and you will be given a list of general settings. Now all we need to change here is Site title and tagline. Let’s change it to Funky House and tagline ” the best funky house on the internet” because that’s what our example site is about you will need to change these to suit your website and what it’s about and make sure it’s relevant.

Also make sure your email address in the email address box is correct as this is where any emails you receive with the contact from builder will go later on.

Now look no the left under settings and there should be another option called “Permalinks” click this and it should load up another options page. Look under common settings and change the post structure from whatever its currently set to and change it to “Post Name”

This will enable us to add keywords into our posts that will show up in Google otherwise they will just show up as or even worse just numbers etc.

That is the basic stuff done now we need to choose a theme.

Choosing A Theme

Now this is down to you really it depends on what type of site you are doing what theme will suit it so I can only give you some pointers in this section.

Choose a Theme that has

  • Mobile Optimisation built in (will convert your site to fit mobile devices etc automatically)
  • Has lots of options for widgets,sliders and for design purposes like color changes etc.
  • Is Free or cheap sometimes it pays to buy a theme for all the extras you get with it.
  • Its well reviewed and is good for SEO purposes (do some research on your theme)

Got one? now either download it or install it (click appearance in your control panel and then click themes when the options drop down or slide out) Then click add new (top of page)  now click upload theme (if you have downloaded one) or click search themes to find a theme you want and follow the instructions.

Once your theme is installed and set up we are ready to start adding content. Go back to your control panel ( and click the + new option at the top of the page.

Logo Design

A major part of any site looking the real deal is the logo I recommend fiverr for logo design you can get good quality logos for £5 or less if you shop around and find a good supplier.

Adding Your Content

This part is down to you but if you have followed my plugin advice and set everything else up it will tell you what needs to be done to your page to make it rank in the search engines (Google).

Make sure your content is engaging and shareable and make sure that is actually useful to the user and not just set up for the search engines to look at as this is one of the major issues with some webmasters today that don’t rank.

Users will be able to share your content with the plugin I gave you and this will also help boost your rankings the more shares you get the more social signals are sent about your site(backlinks) in effect.

Once you have set up your site and begun adding content you are going to need that other thing you will have read a lot about BACKLINKS this will be covered in lesson 4.


Proceed to lesson 4 Building Backlinks >>



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