Email Marketing Guide

Email Marketing Guide

Welcome to my Email Marketing Guide

In this short yet concise guide I aim to give you some pointers in building an email list for your business the ethical way. I also by giving you these pointers hope to help you increase your sales whilst keeping your customers happy.

Email Marketing Guide

So the first thing you need to know about building a list is you need to use an email service that suits your business needs. If you don’t have a website yet then read my how to create a website post.

I myself use Get Response  however I started off with Mail chimp because it was free to get started with and I recommend you do the same if your just starting out. If you already have a list larger than 2000 I would recommend joining a professional email service, Just search around you will find a good paid one.

Once you have an email service provider you need to have an opt in form for your customers to be able to signup to your shiny new list. I will soon add a guide on how to create an opt in form that delivers high quality sign ups.

Right assuming you have already done the two things above you will need to place your opt in form above the fold in your web page (top 20% of the web site). Placing it here guarantees people are going to see it, now follow these steps.

  • Offer something of value for free to entice a new subscriber to join your list
  • Create an Auto responder that delivers an email to new subscribers with your free value offer as soon as they have joined.
  • Build trust with your new subscribers by offering something else that they will find helpful that is to do with your website and business niche. Don’t just push products.
  • Recommend products you have used but offer an explanation of why you are recommending it to them and don’t be pushy. Don’t use click here for your product links either.
  • Sell passively and not constantly. Put yourself in the subscribers shoes when emailing them.
  • Make sure your emails are of high quality and relative to your niche and or product.

Things Not To Do When Building Your List

Do not start trying to sell products to your list as soon as they subscribe, You need to build trust and you also need to form some kind of relationship form between the two of you.

People are more likely to buy from someone who has given them something for free to start with and is not simply trying to sell sell sell at all times.

Do not spam your list with gambling related or banned content this will get you banned and will cause you all kinds of issues. Always check the terms and conditions of your service provider and make sure your not abusing their policies.

Research Your List

Why not do some research on your list and send them a poll once in a while this will give you some insights into what they want. You have to to also be aware that with a list you cannot keep everyone happy and you will always have unsubscribes no matter how well you market to them.

I hope you found this email marketing guide helpful. I will add content too this article to ensure it is useful to you and up to date with current trends etc.

Email Series

You may want to create a series of emails that are sent on auto after someone subscribes over a period of days.This works well with products such as tutorials and courses for example on how to do something, you could give away some info then offer the option to buy the course for the rest.

Example :

Email #1 – Free Ebook/Guide

Email #2 – Content email

Email #3 – Content email

Email #4 – Content email

Email #5 – Affiliate Offer /Product review with your affiliate link

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