Finding A Niche

finsing a niche

Welcome to Lesson 2 – Finding A Niche.

This is possibly more important than keyword research Niche is an untapped area of the internet or “low hanging fruit” which is yours for the taking all you need to do is spend some time in thinking of one and researching your keywords.

Finding A Niche

So this is the thing that most people on the internet probably search “how to find a niche” well I will be honest there is no simple way of finding a niche because if it was that easy everybody would be on the bandwagon and no one would ever make any money anywhere online.

A niche means less or no competition for you to compete with which in turn means you can rank your website incredibly easy. Now before finding a niche you don’t want to make any mistakes so please make sure…

  • You don’t pick a niche that’s mega competitive like Poker or Football, for example, these are pretty much saturated.
  • You make sure your niche targets something you can sell
  • You make sure there are products and affiliate programs related to your niche for you to promote.
  • There is a domain available with your keywords in it, for example, Pikachu t-shirts ( is available)

I personally never use anything but or .com and I recommend you do the same if you are from the UK otherwise always target your countries domain extension and .com.

Now you need to think of something that has not been done already this is the bit you will have to by yourself but here is a trick for you if you think of something and its already taken or been done.

Let’s say you think of Pikachu t-shirts and it’s taken (obviously it’s very popular) so we need to think of variations upon this for example

  • New Pikachu T-shirts
  • XXXL Pikachu T-shirts
  • Vintage Pikachu T-shirts

and so on and remember to apply the keyword research to each because you don’t want to make a variation that gets no searches.


This is the best way to think up multiple ideas to fire into your keyword research and find that Niche you deserve and trust me the more you think and the more time you put into your research you will find something that will get you excited.

Once you have found your niche you will then need to Buy your domain which must contain your keyword so if your niche is leather hats your domain must be

Found One?

Once you have found your area where there is little or no competition and you have followed lesson 1 and done all your keyword research and you have double checked the search results etc you are ready to buy your domain and hosting.

I recommend as there package is £10.80 one off payment and you get hosting and your or .com for one year with no monthly fees. For £10 you can start up your niche site and start earning and hey if your site earns £20 in a year that is 100% profit for you.

In Lesson 3 I will show you how to set up your site in under a few hours and get it listed on google mega quick.


Proceed to lesson 3 Creating A Website >>

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