Why Google Will Down Rank You If You Use Pop Ups

Why Google Will Down Rank You If You Use Pop Ups

Wondering Why Google Will Down Rank You If You Use Pop Ups then read on..

Google has a ton of ranking factors and algorithms that can affect how your website ranks on the search engine, and if your looking for page one you are gonna need to make sure you don’t go against any of them.

Why Google Will Down Rank You If You Use Pop Ups

Google does not like sites that hide content with pop up overlays and pop up messages in general as they feel it spoils the general user experience.

So Google in January began to roll out an update that affects mainly mobile versions of websites that have pop ups and overlays. If you have anything like these on your website it may be worth considering another option and get rid of the pop up.

What you have to remember is Google cares more about the person searching for your website than you and you are going to have to provide your user with the best experience possible.

If you think pop up messages are going to increase the users experience when browsing your website you are wrong..nobody likes pop ups nobody.

google pop up penalty

Lightweight ranking factor

This is whats known as a lightweight ranking factor however it could possibly mean the difference between rank 1 and rank 2 for your chosen search terms.

Other lightweight ranking factors 

Google is always thinking up new ways to better improve their search results and this means there are more lightweight ranking factors than you might think.

Another ranking factor is SSL Certification of your website or https, basically Google is starting to give a small boost to sites that are encrypted and secure, and this in the future will become more and more of a factor.

Affiliate links can also affect SEO and search rankings read our article on Do affiliate links affect SEO to find out more about that one.

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