Why You Should Never Buy Backlinks

Why You Should Never Buy Backlinks

Why You Should Never Buy Backlinks , Chances are you are here because you want to know if it works for your sites rankings by buying backlinks..

In short no, Google to put it politely hates bought links, they are not natural and are more than likely from unrelated sites that have tons of other links to non related content.

Spammy backlinks can do the reverse on your site and get you removed from search results on Google altogether (Google Penalty). Google is more sophisticated at finding such links than many people think.

I hope this small article will help you avoid a few of the pitfalls I have fallen into over the years in the pursuit of Google rankings.


Why You Should Never Buy Backlinks

Like the image says you should not be trying to fool Google into thinking your bought links are natural , Google will catch up with you and punish you its plain and simple.

Content really is king if you make the content great then natural links will come and they will be more powerful than bought ones 10 fold.

If you are going to buy anything buy someone who can create brilliant content for you and it will be more powerful than any bought backlink.

I myself have been guilty on some of my early sites buying those packages (which are usually Bronze,Silver and Gold) which promise drop fed links from high PA and DA websites etc.

They are rubbish and usually when you check them a month down the line no longer exist, They are generated websites full of spam and spun content and scream out to Google “I have been bought”.

Use your heads guys if it sounds to good to be true it usually is, I can not say it enough focus on your websites quality,speed and reliability and your winning the war on SEO.

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